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"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us." - Anonymous

5 African islands with all year summer

Bikini beach days may seem distant in mid-winter, but they’re actually just a short flight away. To warm up, wet your feet in the ocean and feel the sun on your face, consider these five, diverse Indian Ocean island options. Each has a different level of  adventure, comfort, culture and escapism – all are thoroughly enchanting.

Enigmatic Madagascar

This is the ultimate ‘lost world’ and an Eden for nature lovers; over 200 000 uniqe species live here. Imagine trekking singing, teddybear-faced indris or watching quirky sifaka lemurs dancing sideways between trees. Some chameleons are so big you need both arms to hold one, and others are just the size of your little finger nail. Carnivorous plants, avenues of baobabs, crazy looking frogs, reptiles and insects abound too. Then there are the wide sandy beaches and mangroved coastlines, wild and tropical, and deserted islands liberally sprinkled in the ocean.

Madagascar's Avenue of Baobabs

Deserted island paradise of the Quirimbas

This is where you go to escape the world. Off the coast of northern Mozambique, the Quirimbas Archipelago is a string of palm islands lying in turquoise, tepid ocean. Remote, unspoiled and magnificently beautiful, this is where you go for lazy days of walking white, shell-strewn beaches, snorkelling amidst rainbows of fish and watching silent dhows flutter by. It’s as close as you can get to being Robinson Crusoe in 2019, but with no rough edges.

Medjumbe island, Quirimbas

Dramatic Reunion

A temperamental volcano, black and white sand beaches, hundreds of waterfalls, lush tropical landscape and adventure sports aplenty welcome you to Reunion. Add bizarre local voodoo customs, plenty of Madonna (not the pop star) sculptures, roadside shrines, exotic creole cuisine, pirate graves, vibrant markets and French-style towns and cities and this tiny island is an assault on the senses in the best way possible.

Piton de la Fournaise volcano in Reunion.

Sultry Zanzibar

Balmy and exotic, steeped in history and tradition, Zanzibar is evocative and timeless. The Arab and Indian influences enabled ornate architecture and decadent, spicy cuisine, while the people still live according to ocean tides. Fishermen head out daily on their dhows in search of their fresh catch, while the alleyways of Stonetown bustle with shoppers and traders. Beach lovers head north, south and east of the capital to enjoy the white castor sugar sands and warm clear waters that wrap the island.


Postcard pretty Mauritius

It’s the iconic luxury island getaway spot, the coastline dotted with resorts and organised watersports. To relax, dine in style on fine cuisine and plenty of fresh seafood, enjoy every activity the ocean could offer, and afford the kids just as much fun in the sun, Mauritius is the full package. Go deep sea fishing or laze on the beach to unwind your mind. to book your flight to an endless summer.

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