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Mozambique – Niassa nostalgia

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Wild, Wild Wonderland In the far north of Mozambique is a place so remote and so majestically beautiful that it has to be felt to be believed. It is the vast Niassa Reserve and it’s double the size of the Kruger National Park. But danger lurks here for wildlife, so dedicated conservationists work tirelessly, often risking their lives to protect Niassa’s elephants from poachers. By Keri Harvey Niassa is love at first sight. It’s raw and rugged. Truly wild. As we fly into the interior from the coast, for two hours we are humbled at the beauty of the landscape lying below. Silenced by its...

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Abu Dhabi – place of silence and splendour

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Sand, Sea and Salukis Elegant, understated Abu Dhabi city – capital of the UAE – stands between the sand sea of the Arabian Desert and the tranquil tepid waters of the Arabian Gulf. These are the natural attractions for roadtrippers wanting to experience absolute beauty. By Keri Harvey The Empty Quarter is the largest uninterrupted sand sea on earth, and the light of late afternoon has turned the sandscape into still life fire. More precisely, we’re at Qasr Al Sarab – a magnificent desert resort that rises from the sand to resemble a majestic Kasbah city – and for desert lovers...

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Morocco – journey of the senses

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Where Magic Lives If ever there’s a country that’s a magic carpet ride of evocative culture, romantic cities and incredible landscapes, it’s Morocco. Land of mosaics and snake charmers, heady souks and ancient medinas, sweeping Sahara and wild Atlantic, Morocco has it all. By Keri Harvey “There are just three things that are not negotiable in Morocco,” says the smiling carpet seller in the medina of Marrakech, “they are stamps, taxes and medicine. Everything else is flexible.” Omar Hassan, rolls out an assortment of soft red carpets one on top of the next. “You have a look while I will make...

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Southern lights – stoic beacons for navigators

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The Lights Fantastic Their long lazy light beams stroke the night skies over the world’s oceans and warn small craft of trepidous areas. Lighthouses stand as beacons for navigation and lend an air of nostalgia to the South African coastline too. Each one is fingerprint unique; each one has stories to tell. Shipwrecks, ghosts, and compass needles gone crazy are just a few. Story and photos: Keri Harvey Cape Recife, Port Elizabeth Lat 34°01 43,97S; Long 25°42 03,90E Flash: 1/30 seconds. Range: 29 nautical miles. On the southern point of Algoa Bay, Cape Recife lighthouse has been warning ships...

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Sinai – holy space

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Stepping it up the mountain Being in Sinai is a little like stepping onto the moon, but for the Bedouins who sprinkle the rugged landscape. It’s a harsh place, dry, desolate and achingly beautiful. Story and photos: Keri Harvey A holy pilgrimage for some; a muscle-burning blister-making trek for others. Climbing Mount Sinai is for the strong-legged and deeply determined – and for those travellers who want to see the sun rise from the very top of Egypt. We are sunrise specialists, so Mount Sinai was in our sight. Up at 1am, we start our climb an hour later, dressed warmly against the night...

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